6 dingen die ik geleerd heb van architecten

Een zestal citaten met architectuur wijsheden

  1. Atelier Kempe Thill: “Architectuur gaat over ruimtelijkheid. Niet of je een mooi icoon neer kunt zetten. Ontwerp een mooie ruimte waar je naar binnen wilt en binnen wilt blijven.”
  2. Rem Koolhaas: “Jonge architect zijn in een tijd van crisis en weinig werk is geen probleem, maar een uitdaging.” (Uit het Nova interview)
  3. Het leven van een starschitect is ook niet alles. Een interview met Zaha Hadid in de Times. “She lives the life you’d expect. Late nights, always on aircraft, single. “I didn’t know it was going to be like this. Yes there have been sacrifices. Had I just done the usual thing, come out of college and gone to work in a big office, I’d have been more experienced, maybe I would have had a partner. But I’ve worked all these years to get to a point where the work is accepted. I’m busy. I can’t whinge about it!”

  4. Herman Hertzberger over de zin van de architectuur heden ten dage: “Nowadays everything is focused on the question of what architecture actually is and what it is good for. Do we need architecture anyway? And I am not talking about the recession. A year ago there was no recession, but of course there was the same question about architecture. Nowadays architecture tries to be a kind of spectacle. Everything is possible and this is supposed to be built in reality.
    There has to be reasoning besides esthetics and commerce; if you would ask me, everything schould have social reasoning.”
  5. In een interview met Jo Coenen in Volume stelt hij het volgende als ze hem kiezen om de nieuwe bibliotheek van Amsterdam te ontwerpen. “….that means 1. Combining the building and city into a single fabric; 2. Designing the visual or iconographic aspect of the large building, but also developing that large building as a structure; 3. Designing the interior as well. Given the nature of the assignment this is more important than the exterior. Because the building is enclosed, there is hardly any exterior assignment. So it is not so much about creating the picture postcard.
    We fine-tune all this with the organism. We give it a tailored suit.”
  6. Tot slot een citaat wat ik zo goed vind dat ik er een los bericht aan heb gewijd, door Francois Charbonnet van Made in: “Nowadays, computer programs have levelled out the way architects speak. We all use the same visual language; we produce the same images. At the same time, computer programs have allowed architects to create shapes. All these ‘new’ shapes are similar as well. We are very sceptical about  this obsession with shapes. Most of it is vanity. We see no real, meaningful invention in the generation of ‘new’ shapes. No matter how a building floats, humans are still earthbound by gravity. We don’t believe a building can become contemporary or revolutionary through its shape. True invention lies not in shaping but in programming and organizing.”


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